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Garden Features

Garden Features Garden Features

A garden feature is something that will draw the eye to it and be a unique focal and talking point in the garden. It could range from an arbour or pergola, to a working hand pump used to water the garden from a well, or even a ruined stone arch, the choice is yours.

  • Pergolas provide height and interest in the garden. They can be bought in kit form or constructed on site. An ideal frame to grow climbing plants that will provide a soft screen from neighbours and a sun screen that filters light with its lattice like canopy. They can be used to form tunnels, links to other parts of the garden and over circular paved or decked areas as shown in the picture.
  • Arbours can add height to a garden, they can be bought in kit form or constructed on site. They are ideal as a sheltered seating area either offering shade from the sun or protection from the wind as shown in picture top left.
  • Arches can add height to walls or fences, and draw attention to an entrance, frame a view or act as a link to divided areas of the garden.
  • A ruined arch can be built, the client had an arch laid in the garden unused and wanted to make a focal point in the garden as seen in picture top right.
  • A milk stand built from stone to match the house serves a double purpose in that it shows the house name, but it is also hiding an ugly industrial feature.
  • Stone table made from a reclaimed flag can serve as a seat, table or even plant stand.
  • Stone bench made from bull nosed paving flags that came from a local disused railway station, blends in well with the old stone wall and looks like it has been there forever.
  • A water pump shown in one of the further pictures which can be seen by clicking the link below, was installed when a disused well was discovered, the water pump was fitted and the client was delighted as he now uses it to water his garden, a feature and functional too.

Whatever garden feature you decide to use, try to make sure that it compliments and is in harmony with its surroundings.

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