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Ponds Ponds

A pond is a beautiful addition to any garden, adding colour, light and movement. The reflective surface of the water will add light, plants will add colour and the pond will encourage amphibians, insects and birds into the garden.

  • A natural pond if designed correctly can be very valuable to wildlife and can add an air of tranquillity to your garden as shown in picture top left.
  • Small traditional garden pond shown top righthas a bog garden which acts as an overflow for excess water, water loving plants can be grown in this area as shown in picture top right. The pebble shore line allows easy access to the water for amphibians to lay their eggs and the owners were delighted when they found that the great crested newt was using the pond.
  • Formal pools are usually built with stone, brick, timber or poured concrete. They are usually symmetrical in shape, have hard edges and can be either sunk into the ground, built above it or a combination of both. Fountains, ornamental statues and other man made objects may add to the formality of your pond.

Other additions, such as bridges, jetties etc can be added to your pond, but we always try to make the pond look like it belongs in its surroundings.

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