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Walls Walls

Walls can be used for defining boundaries, visual and acoustic screening. They can be built from stone, brick or concrete. A new wall should be thought of as an investment, something that will enhance the property and improve its value. A good well built wall will out-live a timber fence many times over, and last for generations.

  • Drystone walling is an ancient craft dating back hundreds of years, Sylvia’s Father did this for most of his working life. Drystone walls are used all around Teesdale, giving a distinctive look to the fields and fells of the Northern Pennines. They are built using only stone and no mortar, and can make a strong and positive contribution to your garden, working particularly well in rural settings.
  • Wet stone walling allows walls to be built which are higher and more vertical than drystone walls would allow as shown in picture top left. Stone can be cut and laid in horizontal courses or random stone can be used to give a more informal and interesting look to the wall, as shown in picture top right.
  • Brick walls were very fashionable in the 18th and 19th centuries, they are used more in towns to match brick built houses. Reclaimed bricks can also be used to match old brick built houses or cottages.
  • Concrete and rendered block work are cheap to build, and are usually covered in a smooth cement-based render and then painted. They can give a very clean and modern feel to a wall and are excellent when used in contemporary gardens.

Coping on walls can be stone, brick or concrete, serving to protect the wall from water and frost, and finishing off the wall. Careful consideration needs to be used before deciding which product to use, but again it often depends on the house and trying to be sympathetic with the surrounding area.

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